Evan Martin (evan) wrote in logjam_dev,
Evan Martin


To support an offline copy of your journal, I need to store the entries. I've done a bunch of tests over the years and I'm pretty convinced the Right Way to do this (where right way is some function of easiest on the users, fastest, and easiest to interface with other programs) is with a database.

I was looking at GNU gdbm before, but I just noticed now that it's deprecated. On my Debian system, /usr/share/doc/libgdbmg1-dev/MIGRATE.gz says this:

libgdbm hasn't been maintained, and gnulibc2 has libdb included in it as the dbm-interface replacement.
But all of the libdb* files I can find on my system were provided by Berkeley database packages.

So my question is: which Berkeley database should I use? Apparently each version is not compatible with the last, so there are many to choose from. Evolution depends on a specific subversion (3.1.17) but recommends statically linking it. 3.2 is common, and is depended upon by things like man-db and ssh, while 4.0 is also common and depended upon by things like mutt and perl. On the other hand, 4.1 is the newest and it's used by at least Python on my system.

So do any of you have comments on how common these different versions of these libraries are on other systems or in other contexts (such as language bindings)? I'm inclined to go with 4.1 unless there's a good reason not to...

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