The Renaissance Man (unixronin) wrote in logjam_dev,
The Renaissance Man

RFC: LogJam templates

I'm thinking about making a modification to LogJam that would add a major new piece of functionality, but mostly using existing code to do it.  I intend to adapt the existing draft-handling code to add a template feature.  Templates would mostly be handled and treated the same as drafts, except for the following:

  • Templates will be stored in a separate directory from drafts.
  • Templates will be listed in alphabetical order in the "Open Template" dialog, which will otherwise be just like the "Open Draft" dialog.
  • The subject line of a template will always be cleared on load.
  • LogJam will never prompt to delete a template after posting.  It will assume you wish to keep the template.  Templates must be manually deleted using the Open Template dialog.

Before I get started on this, is there anything else I should be taking into account?


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